School Switcheroo

Triplets Joshua, Josiah and Joseph are 11-year-old boys with a penchant for trouble.

“Good morning boys,” Mrs. Charming sang in her usual cheery voice.

“Good morning mom,” the triplets said in sleepy voices from their beds.

Joshua rolled over onto his back and pulled the covers up over his head. “I don’t want to go to school today,” he groaned “I’ve got a French test.”

“Well I’ve got a Math test,” said Josiah from under his pillow on the bottom bunk

“And I’ve got a spelling test,” said Joseph peeking over the railing on the top bunk.

All at once they looked at each and smiled the same wide smile. “Let’s swap tests!” they said together.

Joshua being the oldest by eight minutes took the lead. “Okay Josiah you are good at French so you’ll write my French test. Joseph you are good at math so you’ll write Josiah’s math test and I’m good at spelling, so I’ll write your spelling test.”

They jumped out of their beds and sealed the deal by bumping fists the way professional athletes do.

‘We’ll have to dress alike today if we are going to pull this off,” said Josiah who is older than Joseph by four minutes.

“Won’t mom get suspicious if we dress alike?” asked Joseph.

“Naw,” said Joshua, “she won’t know because we’ll change at school.”

So with their plan in place, the triplets got dressed and went upstairs for breakfast.

Their 14-year-old sister Lexie was already at the table eating her cereal and reading a teen magazine.

“Good morning Alexzandria Beatrice Charming!” they said together knowing she hated when anyone called her by her full name.

Lexie glared at her brothers and mouthed “I’ll get you later.” She picked up her backpack and headed for the door.

“Have a good day, Alexzandria Beatrice Charming!” they sang after her.

Lexie waved her fist at them as she boarded the big yellow school bus.

At school, the triplet’s plan was underway.  They crowded into one washroom stall elbowing and kneeing each other as they tried to get dressed in matching outfits.

They piled out of the stall looking like mirror images of each other.  The mischievous smile appeared three times.

“Good luck on your mission,” they said in unison as they bumped fists. “We’ll meet back here at 3:00.”

The triplets were feeling pretty good that their plan would be successful. They were feeling sure that they would get As on their tests and they were feeling even better that they had fooled everyone by switching places.

However, disaster was lurking in the wings for the threesome.

On his way to write the Math test, Joseph tripped on the stairs and cut open his knee. The school nurse, having never been able to tell the boys apart asked “Which one are you?” Without thinking he answered “Joseph!” then remembering the switch quickly recovered with “Joseph’s older brother Josiah.” The nurse shook her head and mumbled something under her breath about what happened to kids with normal names like Tom and Peter. She bandaged the cut for him and sent him on his way.

A short time later, Josiah enter her office with a small black and blue circle growing around his right eye. “Now what?  Didn’t I just fix your knee and now here you are back with a black eye.” Josiah looked at her quizzically. Then she realized that the boy standing in front of her didn’t have a bandage on his knee.  “Which one are you?” Without thinking he answered “Josiah!” then remembering the switch quickly recovered with “Josiah’s big brother Joshua.” The nurse shook her head and mumbled something under her breath that they really were triplets because they only relate themselves to their birth order. She gave him an ice pack and sent him on his way.

Not long after Josiah’s visit, Joshua appeared at her door with a scraped elbow.  “Now don’t tell me” she said “you must be Joseph!” Joshua looked at her curiously, smiled and said, “How did you know?” “Because both your brothers have already been in to see me today!”

After school the triplet’s again crowded into one washroom stall to change out of their matching outfits.

“What happened to you?” they said altogether.

They have learned to answer each other in birth order so Joshua spoke first.

“Jungle gym.” He said pointing to the bandage on his elbow.

“Tennis ball.” Josiah said pointing to his black eye.

Two left feet.” Joseph said pointing to the bandage on his knee.

They roared with laughter at what a sight they must be.

They piled out of the bathroom and rummaging through their backpacks they produced the test results.  “I got an “A”! They said together excitedly waving their pages. Then they noticed the comments that each teacher had taken the time to write.

“Great job Joshua!  I hope your black eye heals quickly!”

“Nice work Josiah, I hope your knee doesn’t bother you in the race tomorrow!”

“Excellent work Joseph! I hope that your elbow doesn’t hurt too much!”

“Busted!” The brothers said together.

Check back for the next episode “Train Trouble with Triplets”




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