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Coastal Language 101

I promised I would do a blog post about some of the words and language commonly used in and around Pearl Lagoon. Here it is. The language here on the coast is a combination of English, Spanish and Miskito which is collectively referred to as Creole.

If they use the Spanish words for a thing then they always use the Spanish word and may not even know how to say the word in English.

Forgive the spelling. I’m doing it phonetically the way the words sound to me!

Quale or   quail Almost   dry; usually used in reference to laundry
Suppostamente   (Spanish) Supposedly
Tranquillo   (Spanish) Tranquil, calm, relaxed, easy
Tortiya   (Spanish) Jamaican-style fried dumpling but in a triangular shape
Bad feeling Upset stomach; feel to vomit
Catch a cold Used to explain just about all illnesses
Bunka/rump Butt, ass, behind, tush, etc.
Shittings Diarrhea
Poro   (Spanish) Penis
Para ya   (Spanish) A long time ago; or from time-to-time
Sickening Disgusting
Salva Vida   (Spanish) Life Jacket/vest
Novella   (Spanish) Spanish soap opera
Poonk Fart
That’s why I’m still not sure how this is used!
In my mind To myself
Beyho   (Spanish) Old man
Heaty Hot
Chinnella   (Spanish) Slippers or sandals
Fishining Fishing
Dorry Boat smaller than a panga and needs oars
Panga Boat that uses an engine
Clamp Stapler
Tio   (Spanish) Uncle
How? How are you?
Hard man A common greeting between men
Right here Used in response to How?
Plasticard Laminate



I make learning fun...and sticky!

jesse on November 11, 2014 AT 01 pm