Baldwin Goes Bald

“23, 24, 25.” Baldwin finished counting the feathers on the ground. There were more there today than there was yesterday or the day before. Yep, he was definitely going bald.

“This will be the biggest joke. A bald eagle going bald!” He said to himself. “I’ll have to try to keep this a secret.” He decided.

Baldwin fluffed up the remaining feathers to cover the bald spot that was starting to show. He hopped over to the nearby stream and looked at his reflection from every angle he could in the water. When he was satisfied that the spot was covered he spread his gigantic wings and flew off to meet the guys on the neighboring ridge.

He knew he would have to play it cool but he was sweating and nervous at the thought of anyone discovering his secret.

Seeing the rest of the guys perched in their usual spots on a massive tree, he swooped down. But, instead of taking his usual spot he settled on a branch just a bit higher than anyone else.

Eagle-eye Edgar was the first to notice him.

“What? Do we stink or something?” he asked.

“Just mixing things up a bit today,” Baldwin replied.

“Oh, I thought maybe you were sitting up so high so no one could see your bald spot.” Edgar laughed.

“Yeah, I heard that you were going bald Baldwin.” Zeke said. “Is it true?”

“What? Me? Going bald? That’s the silliest thing I’ve heard.” Baldwin laughed.

“Well I heard it from Missy mouse. She said you dropped so many feathers chasing her that she easily got away.” Zeke said. “I actually let her go because she had me laughing so hard with that one!” he added.

“And Lance told me that the glare off your head blinded him and made him lose his snake lunch the other day.” Harvey chimed in.

“What silly rumors!” Baldwin offered. “Don’t you guys have anything better to talk about?”

“What’s funnier than a bald eagle going bald?” Edgar laughed and the rest of the guys joined in. Baldwin spread his wings and flew away in embarrassment.

The next day, Baldwin was sitting in the waiting area at Dr. Octavio Orangutan’s office. He hid behind a pair of dark sunglasses and a large brown hat hoping that no one would recognize him. He snuck a peak over the shades to see who else was in the doctor’s office.

Sylvia the snake was there with a sore throat. Clyde the crocodile was there with something stuck in his foot. Barbara the beaver was there with water stuck in her ear and oh, no! Missy mouse was there too.

Baldwin picked up the nearest National Geographic magazine and covered his face.

“Baldwin? Baldwin? Is that you?” Missy said.

“I should have eaten her when I had the chance,” Baldwin thought to himself as he ducked further behind the magazine.

“That is you Baldwin!” Missy squeaked.

Baldwin lowered the magazine and smiled weakly at her.

“I was just telling Sylvia here about the last time we met, how your feathers were falling like rain and all I had to do was lay still under them to get away.” She said. “I laughed all the way home thinking about a bald eagle going bald!”

She was laughing harder and louder and soon the entire office was laughing at him as well.

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