The Folks on 13

Excerpt from the upcoming book “The Folks on 13”.

1304 – The Singhs

Banji squeezed Indira’s hand. From her spot under the bed, Indira knew that Parminder had penetrated the girl and she had squeezed her hand in response to the pain of her hymen being torn. The pressure on Indira’s hand eased up as the bed started the rhythm of sex. With a few strokes and an audible grunt from Parminder, it was done. He had taken Banji’s virginity on what was their wedding night.

He struggled to get off the young girl, the bulge of his belly limiting his motion. Banji, releasing Indira’s hand, placed both on his chest and pushed. He got as far as his knees. Using his hands to steady himself just over her legs, his penis limp against his leg, he looked down at her.

Embarrassed, Banji moved her head to one side, covering her face with her long dark hair. Parminder gently moved the hair from her face and turned her head back to look at him. He smiled a hopeful smile. Banji looked back at him blankly. Parminder shuffled backward to the end of the bed and rolled over onto his butt. He stood, retrieved his robe from the back of the chair, pulled it on and left Banji’s room.

Indira waited until she heard Parminder’s footfalls move down the hall and listened for his door to close before she crawled out from under the bed. Banji still lay on the bed, naked and staring at the ceiling, with tears pooling in her eyes though none had actually fallen. Indira climbed in beside her and pulled the sheet up around them. She pulled the girl into a close embrace and gingerly stroked her hair. Neither woman spoke while Banji cried softly on Indira’s shoulder.

When Indira awoke, Banji was snoring gently. Indira attempted to disengage from the girl but Banji snuggled deeper into the woman. Indira noticed that the sheet had come down from under the girl’s chin and her naked breasts were exposed.

For a reason she couldn’t explain, Indira found herself staring at the young girl’s perky little breasts with their dark areolas and erect nipples. Suddenly, she heard Parminder’s steps in the hall. She froze. What could he possibly want down this end of the hall? Indira thought.

As his footsteps neared the door, Indira struggled to get away from Banji’s clutches and back under the bed to safety. Parminder would be angry to find her here. As she pulled away, the girl woke and opened her mouth to speak. Indira quickly pointed to the door and then put her finger over her lips urging the girl’s silence. She slipped from the bed just as Parminder opened the door, his erection leading him into the room. He dropped the robe on the floor behind him and advanced towards the form on the bed. Indira slid noiselessly under the bed out of sight.

Banji had pulled the sheet up under her chin and closed her eyes in mock sleep. Parminder yanked the sheet all the way off and gazed at the young girl’s nakedness, stroking himself in anticipation. He pinched Banji’s right nipple lightly and when she didn’t stir he pinched it harder. She couldn’t help but flinch with the small ouch at her sensitive bud.

“Oh good you’re awake,” Parminder said.

In shock, Banji sat up her eyes and mouth wide open. Parminder took it as a sign of her eagerness to please him.

“No teeth,” he told her firmly.

Banji gagged with his stale odor and size. She tried to pull away from the invading digit but Parminder held her head firmly and pushed further into her mouth.

“Relax and just take it in. Breathe through your nose and pull your lips down around it,” he instructed the young girl.

For her own sake, Banji followed his instructions. She relaxed and breathed through her nose and clamped her lips around Parminder. He pushed in and pulled out, his tempo increasing and his belly bumping her face. Saliva ran down her chin and in her ears echoed the wet sloshing sound from her mouth. Parminder tensed, grunted and it was over. Banji pulled back getting some of the hot salty liquid on her face.

“You are a natural,” he said turning away from the young girl. He scooped up his robe from the floor as he headed out the door.

Banji used the sheet to spit out what was in her mouth. She gagged and coughed then wiped her face with a clean corner.

Indira crawled from under the bed and trying to comfort the young girl whispered, “You’ll get used to it.”

Indira helped Banji remove the sheet from the bed. Again she found herself staring at the girl’s firm young body. Banji’s nipples jutted out as she stood with her hands on her hips waiting for Indira to fetch clean linen. Her legs were thin but powerful with well-defined calf muscles and her bottom small and firm.

“Maybe you should put this on,” Indira said tossing a night shirt to the girl.

“I wouldn’t want you to catch a cold on your first night here.”

“A cold? You’re worried about me catching a cold after what I’ve just been through?” Banji’s voice was louder than it should have been.

“Shh!” Indira said. “You don’t want him to come back do you?”

The young girl shook her head sending her dark curls flying. She pulled the night shirt over her head and wrapped her arms around her waist. She looked so vulnerable at that moment. Indira crossed the room and took her hands.

“Look, I know all of this is a bit of a shock but what did you think was gonna happen once you married him? It is his right to have sex with you whenever he wants. It is your job to please him…and to have his babies,” Indira said.

“Babies? But I’m only 16!” Banji began to cry softly.

Indira led her back to the bed, place her gently down and tucked the fresh sheet under her chin. She wiped a stray tear from her cheek and tried to reassure her that everything would be okay. The young girl flung her hands around Indira’s neck and begged her not to leave her alone. She peppered Indira’s face with small butterfly kisses, as a 5-year-old might do to get her own way. Indira promised to stay until she was asleep. The kisses on her face disturbed Indira and it wasn’t until she was in her own bed that she realized why.

Back in her room, Indira couldn’t sleep. She was curious about Parminder’s second visit to the young girl’s room especially when it had been months since he paid a visit to her room. She was after all his first wife. A slightly older version of the new and improved model but she was first.

Imagine her surprise when he waltzed in a mere 12 hours ago with Banji in tow. He had presented her as if a prize he had just won. He announced that they had been married in Pakistan the day before and had left directly from the ceremony to come home to Canada. He hadn’t told Indira that he’d be bringing back another wife, though in their culture it was within his right.

Indira was not surprised that Banji was young but her beauty was undeniable and that caught Indira off guard. The girl had acted aloof but afraid. She had hardly said a word while Parminder was in the room but the moment he left, she hugged Indira, pressing her supple young body against the older woman. She whispered to Indira that she was glad to meet her and that she hoped they would be close.

Indira had taken her to her room and waited while she freshened up and changed into her honeymoon outfit—a sheer purple teddy with black fishnet stockings, garters, long gloves, and thongs—that Parminder had requested she wear. Indira had never seen anything as beautiful as Banji in that outfit. A pang of jealously struck her as she looked at the young girl.

“He never bought me anything like that on our wedding night,” she thought.

As Banji modeled for Indira like a child playing dress-up she realized that the young girl had no clue as to what was about to happen. She sat Banji down on the edge of the bed and tried to explain that Parminder would soon come to claim his rights as her husband but as soon as they sat down, Indira heard his footsteps in the hall. All she could say to the young girl as she slid under the bed was, “It is going to hurt for a second, but you’ll be fine. Be brave!”

He had entered the room wearing just a bathrobe. She could see him from her place under the bed and the reflection of the room from the mirror behind the door. He had stopped just inside the door and stared at the young girl in her sexy outfit.

“God you are beautiful!” he breathed.

Embarrassed, she had tried to cover herself with her hands.

“Don’t do that,” he said. “I want to see everything.”

He had made her model herself. He made her squat. He made her bend over. He made her spread her legs. And then he made her take off the outfit one piece at a time with the thong being the last item removed. Banji was humiliated through the entire process. She avoided looking at Parminder as she did as she was told. When all she had on was the thong he touched her, his hands roaming all over her body exploring. Then he laid her on the bed gently and climbed atop her. She sensed danger and reached for Indira’s hand under the bed.

As the evening’s memory played through her head, Indira replayed Parminder’s second visit to Banji’s room, her inability to keep her eyes off Banji’s naked young body and the feelings that were stirring in her. Unconsciously, Indira started to touch herself. But it wasn’t sex with Parminder that was the movie playing in her mind, as she reached her climax. It was Banji’s burgeoning teenage body modeling the purple teddy.

Indira woke up knowing something wasn’t as it should be. Before she could figure it out she heard Banji’s voice beside her. “He came again. It hurts. Please help me,” she said almost pleading.

The young girl knelt on Indira’s bed with her legs tucked under her and her bottom pointed up. She pulled the night shirt up to her waist and pointed to her anus. Indira gently touched the girl’s left butt cheek and noticed blood. She could see that Parminder had not been patient or gentle with this orifice and had torn some of the tissue. Indira rose from the bed and went into her bathroom. She pulled a few items from the medicine cabinet and returned to the bed. She tenderly wiped away the blood and swabbed the area.

“Why does he come to me so often?” Banji asked.

Indira thought a few seconds before answering.

“Well, you are his new wife and this is your wedding night so it is within his right to take you as much as he wants. It won’t be this way all the time. He’s just wants you to get used to him,” she reassured the girl.

Banji replied, “I would be happier if he never came to me again.” She asked, “How often does he come to you?”

Indira lied, “at least a couple of times per week.”

“Doesn’t he ever stop?” Banji asked incredulously.

Indira giggled lightly, “I guess not!”

“How old were you when he married you?” Banji asked.

“15,” Indira replied.

“Wow! So you went through this too and you were so young,” Banji said.

“It was a bit different for me,” Indira answered. “He and I slept in the same bed at first so he took me many times every night and whenever he wanted during the day too.”

“Did you meet him before the wedding?” Banji asked.

“No. No, I first saw him waiting at the altar,” Indira said.

“Yeah, me too,” Banji replied. “I was disappointed that he was so old. And that belly!”

“He is only 41,” Indira informed her.

“41? He may as well be 100!” Banji exclaimed.

“How could our parents have done this to us?” Banji asked. “There were so many things I wanted to do with my life and now all I’ll ever be is a wife and mother!”

Indira cringed when Banji said “mother”. She was sure that Parminder brought home a new wife because she was unable to give him a child. They had been together for eight years and she had never gotten pregnant. She was also sure that that was the reason he hadn’t touched her in months.

Indira led Banji back to her room and tucked her back into bed.

“Hopefully, he will not come back for the rest of the night and you can get some sleep.”

Banji looked up at Indira and threw her arms around her neck.

“Thank you so much for being my friend. I am really going to need one,” she said tearfully.

Banji kissed Indira on one check, then the next. She stared into her eyes and Indira could see the tears welling.

“Alright now, let’s try to get some sleep. We have a lot to do tomorrow,” Indira said.

Banji snuggled down into her bed. Indira stroked Banji’s hair until she fell asleep then slipped from the room. Back in her room, Indira climbed into her bed and with Banji and Parminder on her mind, she fell asleep.

But Indira was wrong. Parminder did visit Banji again but this time after sex he didn’t leave. He spent the rest of the night in Banji’s bed with his leg thrown over her naked body, his hand cupping her breast and his face tangled in her curly obsidian hair.

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