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What’s that smell?

My husband Jose, yes we got married in July 2012, complains that I’m rude to him. There apparently have been times when I’ve told him that he stinks and needs to go take a shower. He would not complain. He would go bathe with bath gel but I’d still tell him he smells. So he’d go back and bathe again with sweet-smelling soap but for me the odor lingered. So his third trip to the shower would be without soap, gel or anything and I would finally be satisfied that the odor was gone.

And then there were the times I would make him brush his teeth multiple times before I’d allow him to kiss me. He says that some days he would cry because he doesn’t understand why I’m treating him badly when all he is trying to do is make me happy.

Of course, I don’t remember any of this and am quite appalled that I would put the poor dear through all that.

Now I know that changes in body odor is one of the 34 symptoms of menopause but no one said anything about a heightened sense of smell!

My poor husband can’t wear anything with a scent and if you know Jose you know how much he loves cologne, scented lotions and even his deodorant is scented. So he’s having a real hard time with me and this particular outcome of menopause.

I’m 47 now and the doctor doesn’t quite think I’ve started menopause, but rather thinks that I am peri-menopausal. Jose could tell you different! Thankfully he loves me and is in it to the finish so puts up with all the changes that are happening and that are to come. Luckily he believes that “talking is understanding” so we do a lot of talking to try to maintain our relationship. We also try to continue to have a lot of sex but we are starting to notice changes in that area to. But that’s another post topic.

So I want to hear from you. Are you experiencing any changes in body odor or sensitivity to odors? Please leave me a comment.




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