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The Bathroom Bill

The Saturday edition of the Toronto Star recently ran an article in the Weekend Living section entitled “New Loo” all about the flourish of unisex bathrooms in Toronto as debate over gender rights rages. My first thought is “you’ve got to be kidding!”

From further reading of this article, it seems the “Bathroom Bill” as it is being called, has passed in the House of Commons by a narrow margin. The controversial legislation reinforces the rights of transgendered people to use whatever bathroom they see fit. Gendered bathrooms are being regarded as “old-school” and “traditional” but is this a tradition worth keeping?

The bathroom is the one place we women go to do all those things we know that men know we do, but we don’t want them to see us doing, hear us doing or smell us doing. And worse, do we want to see, hear and smell all that men do in the bathroom? Not me!

Let me play the devil’s advocate for a minute. I understand the need to be inclusive so that everyone, no matter how they identify, can use the bathroom they choose, but is this bill putting everyone at risk?

Do we now need to worry about being hit on in the washroom? Remember when the bathroom was the place you went to get away from someone you weren’t interested in? Now, he or she will just follow you in and continue annoying you.

What about safety? Does this open the door to rapists and other misogynistic types luring in unisex bathrooms looking for their next victim? And what about children? Do you want your little girl in a bathroom with a grown man?

Take this short poll to share your comfort level with the idea of unisex bathrooms. Then share your thoughts about this bill. I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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