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Peaking Sexually

A couple of year ago I celebrated my 45th birthday and nervously waited for my libido to kiss me on the cheek, look tearfully into my eyes and say a heartbreaking, final good-bye. I’m happy to report that that didn’t happen. In fact what did happen, albeit a few days after my birthday, was some of the best toe-curling, expletives eliciting sex I’ve ever had! I’ll apologize to my children for what I’m about to write because no one wants to know that their parents have sex, never mind great sex!

I’ve been told that a woman doesn’t reach her sexual peak until sometime in her late 30s or early 40s but that by 45 it is all over and we can only look forward to being frigid and needing no man but God. While God and I have a great relationship, I need someone with more of a physical presence in my life than Him. So while I was looking forward to the joys of 45–no more doing things on others terms and finally being my own woman–I was not looking forward to sending my libido packing and was thrilled that that dreaded moment failed to materialize.

My partner at the time was almost 10 years older than me and he actually complained that he wasn’t 18-years-old and couldn’t keep up with my appetite. He was actually quite capable of keeping up with me and often I was the one begging for a food and water break!

Fast forward almost two years. I’m almost 47, and I am in a very different relationship. This partner is 12 years my junior, yes, that makes me a cougar, though he pursued me! My libido is very much alive and kicking and we are having sex at least three times per day and not just run-of-the-mill maintenance sex but sweat-dripping, multiple orgasm producing sex. This young man is a sex machine!

This blog will explore a number of issues including the older woman and younger man union and sex after 40, but it will also explore the onset of menopause and its effects on sex and relationships. We will actually delve into the 34 identified symptoms of menopause. Did you know there were that many? I didn’t know until I started to experience all 34 symptoms…at the same time! I tell you about how my young man reacted one particularly hormonal day.

I hope you’ll join me for this next exciting chapter in my life and that you’ll share your stories.

Loving sex in my 40s!


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