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How Long is This Going to Last?

My breasts hurt. They have been hurting for about a week now. So bad in fact that I don’t want to touch them and I sure as heck don’t want them touched by anybody else.

Like any breast lover, my husband believes a woman’s breasts are to be played with and enjoyed especially as an integral part of foreplay. So imagine how miserable my poor husband is that he can’t come close to my chest without me wincing in anticipation of pain. He asks the obvious questions. “Does it hurt here?” as he pokes and prods by tender mammary glands. “Does it hurt today?” And finally after a week of breastlessness, he asks the big question, “How long is this going to last?”

I look at him quizzically because I don’t understand the question. I wonder if he is talking about my breast pain or if he has expanded the topic to menopause. I assume we are still talking about my breasts and offer, “Well it is normal up to about two months if the pain isn’t too bad.”

“Two months?” he says in disbelief.

“I think that is the worst case scenario.” I respond trying to comfort him.

“I hope so” He says “because it would be very hard for me not to touch the girls for that long.”

I choke back laughter at the sad look on his face. You’d think someone close to him had died! “Hard for him! I’m the one in pain!”

Then he asks the big follow-up questions. “How long is this menopause thing going to take?”

This time I can’t help but laugh. When I finally find my voice I answer, “Only God knows!”

“What?!” he says.

“Baby, I’m only perimenopausal. I’m not even really in it yet.” I chuckle. “It takes years.”

“So I’m in for a long hard time” he sighs.

“At least we’ll be going through it together.” I offer.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t make him feel any better.

My research indicates that pain, soreness, or tenderness in one or both breasts can occur in menopause. It can be generalized discomfort and pain associated with touching or application of pressure to breast. It can be likened to the pain just prior to a period or when you just start breastfeeding. Consult your doctor if the pain is severe or persists for two months or more, also if the breast pain is accompanied by a breast lump or nipple discharge.

I’ve tried hot towels, cold towels and pain relievers. If you have experienced breast pain and would like to share your story or tricks for pain relief please do. You’ll be helping your sister in menopause.


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