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History Made: Obamas Part 2

“Yes we can!” that was the chant heard around the world during Barack Obama’s campaign to become the first African-American president in US history.

After that night in November, the chant became “Yes, we did!”  Fast forward to 2012 and that chant could be “Oops, we did it again!” with President Obama’s re-election to a second term.

I am not going to dissect his first term, his politics, or policies. Regardless of how other thinks he performed and who thinks he shouldn’t have been given a second term, I am eternally proud that he was a President that carried himself with grace and dignity even in the face of constant personal attacks questioning his birthright.  And I can’t speak about grace and dignity without mentioning the First Lady Michelle Obama.

Like all first ladies, she wore the moniker well. She carries out her duties better than some expect. She contributes her time to worthwhile charities such as childhood obesity, and she stands by her man, not behind him. But, the thing that makes her standout is that, like Princess Diana, she is of the people. Mrs. Obama is like the girl next door, your older sister or your best friend. She is approachable, down-to-earth, and she’ll tell it like it is. Her fashion sense is one that almost any woman can copy—and afford! With the help of her mother, she raises her children—not a nanny— and you can see that they are confident young women.

And African-American women are talking about Michelle Obama, copying her style, reaching for new heights in their careers and demanding better relationships from their partners. She’s on the cover of Essence magazine. She’s on talk shows such as Ellen. She’s sat down for an interview with the incomparable Barbara Walters. She’s everywhere and we want more. We want to know what makes her who she is and how we can tap into some of that. And now we have another four years to figure that out and learn whatever it is the Michelle Obama wants to teach the world.

So now that we had an African-American man as commander and chief, I think we are ready to turn another page and write history with the first female president.

Can we do it in 2016? Yes we can!


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