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The adventures of Carol Brown, representing Norwegian Cruise Line on a 6-month mission on the open sea to train the crew, explore new ports, seek new friends and experiences, and to boldly go where she has not gone before.

Carol’s log: Cruise Date: May 25, 2011 (Skagway)

All my favourite people are signing off the ship in the next few weeks. Dr. Sylvia, Simon the safety officer, Jude the spa manager, Filippo my boss, David of Cruise Rewards, and the Staff Captain. I’ll have to get to know the names of a whole new group of people. We also find out that after her vacation, Laarni will be reassigned to the Norwegian Spirit. We don’t know who is joining me on the Star as yet. The personnel on ships is in a constant state of flux which has its challenges for those trying to manage or create effective teams.

Another boat drill today. This time it isn’t so cold outside and some of the entertainers have brought music and are dancing. I’m not sure this is correct protocol but it sure makes the whole code alpha and boat drill process more enjoyable. Immediately following the drill is the All Hands Meeting. The entire crew gets together for words from the Captain and other members of the senior team. Today is Filippo’s turn. The Captain sits besides me and is making me laugh by whispering things about Filippo in my ear. He’s making fun of him but in a friendly non-malicious sort of way. I’m trying to control myself but the Captain is encouraging me to let it all out. I snicker and try to hold it all together. The Captain persists. I’m glad when Filippo is done and I can laugh through the applause. I tell the Captain that I think he is very naughty. He winks at me.

The internet on this ship is painfully slow. I attempt to update my blog but run out of time before I’m quite able to finish. I decide to give my baby, Cainen, access to my blog and send him the content so he can do it. He’ll get to learn something new about blogging and uploading pictures. I know, I’m the consummate teacher.

Each week of our Alaska run we turn the clocks back for a couple of days then forward again. This messes me up when we do it twice a year so imagine the wreck I am now that we are doing it twice a week. There have been a few days when I’m not sure what time is the correct time and I’m running to meetings only to find that I’m an hour early. Better than being an hour late I figure. I wasn’t resetting all my clocks and watches but now I think it would be in my best interest, and to save my sanity to do just that. Tonight is one of those nights so it’s off to bed for me.

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